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Did you know…

Clayton has a unique young man who just wanted to help CAM. Austin Woods is 14 years old and he spent 25 hours collecting food for the pantry. Austin collected and donated to CAM, a record making 1,800 cans of food! The next time you hear about a problem with teenagers, just remember we are…
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Did you know…

Did you know that the wealthiest Americans have reduced the percentage of income they give to charity while the poor and middle class are giving more?    The top earners gave 4.6%  less of their income to  charity while the middle class and the poor are giving least 4.5% of their income.  This information is…
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Not only is the dogwood, the state flower of NC, but when it blooms, it represents a  reminder that hope springs eternally.  What a beautiful message for everyone.

Did you know?

 Not only the state flower of North Carolina, the dogwood is a symbol of faith and hope for all of us.   Or it should be.  Did you know that 25.3% of children in Clayton NC are below the poverty level?   Think of what that means.   At CAM our faith and hope is in people like you to…
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